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Case Study: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Ticking Minds is a leading Independent QA services organization that has about a decade’s experience in areas of performance testing, test automation (UI, Mobile, APIs), test data management and data migration. 

They are a software testing company focused on the Quality Assurance. They are specialized in Automating testing processes – across UI, API, Mobile and web services.

Ticking Minds is an Indian company with a presence in USA and UK. Being a software company, they rely more on its established network to generate revenue with its high level complex services, which has a good LTV (Life-Time Value). Since the industry is ever evolving and competitive, Ticking Minds wants to increase their visibility swiftly. 

The project for Martech Minds was to increase the search traffic and SEO ranking by 40% in USA. Our goal was to create a SEO strategy and make progressive efforts across their service related keywords by positioning them in first 5 pages in Google SERP.

Strategic Approach


To generate the organic business enquiries with which we have formulated a SEO strategy by increasing search traffic for their services

Objective: Ranking the website in 1st page of SERP results

Marketing Channels



  • Increasing website traffic to 2000 unique visitors every 3 months

  • Increasing the ranking by 10% every month

  • Increase in organic enquiries to 10% every 3 months


  • Increase in Website traffic by 50% every month
  • Increase in Google SERP ranking by 20% every month
  • Increase in service enquiries by 20% every month


Challenges Faced

There are numerous challenges that arise when starting the Search Engine Optimization for the website to fulfill the objectives. They are listed below.

  • Since it’s a new website and in a competitive industry. The competition for the keywords is relatively high in Google SERP
  • Gaining the ranking quickly in Google SERP for their services has been challenge due to the domain authority, age of the website and the competition
  • Initially, we have analysed on-page and off-page SEO of their competition and focused on the keywords with moderate competition which helps in the ranking 
  • In the first 3 months, there is only a slow progress in their ranking for some of the competitive keywords

Performance Analysis

Google Analytics


Business Growth

After executing the strategy to increase the organic search traffic, the results were better than expected initially

Website Traffic​

  • Website traffic has been swiftly increased from all the digital marketing channels with an average rate of 40% every month

Google Ranking

  • The keywords related to all of their services has been ranked in the first 10 pages of Google SERP in first 3 months
  • Most of their service based keywords are in first 2 pages of Google SERP

User Engagement

  • Engagement of users in the website increased by 30%
  • Time spent within the website has been increased swiftly to 10% month-on-month

Customer Acquisition​

  • Through successful Social Media Marketing campaigns the traction for the products has fared well with 1500 customers in a year