Laures Academy


Case Study: Digital Marketing



Laures Academy specializes in providing courses to upgrade the careers of professionals. They also conduct seminars, conferences, in-house training, workshops, and other related events. They organize and conduct courses on electricals, Data analytics, project management, and similar courses. The company’s major revenue was from the courses and training they conduct which are signed up by leads only through offline means. The majority of the signups are acquired through traditional offline or personal selling. 


Since the company wanted to grow its business, it wanted to promote its business online to generate more sign-ups for its courses. Their awareness of the courses and as a brand are slim. Due to their slim digital presence, we recommended that they can promote digitally and establish themselves well in the online media. We also worked on a structure to optimize their website and initiate them to social media platforms for better lead generation through digital marketing. 


Strategic Approach


To achieve the online business goals we have formulated a digital presence and marketing strategy

Objective: 40+ enrolments every month

Marketing Channels

Google Search, Google Display Network, Facebook, Instagram, and Email Marketing


  • Increasing website traffic to 4000 unique visitors every month
  • 50+ unique social media engagements with the prospects every month
  • Social Media brand reach should be around 15,000 every month
  • Lead generation of about 100+ students every month


  • Increasing website traffic by 40% every month
  • Increasing social media engagement by 30% every month
  • Increase course enquiries by 20% every month 
  • Increasing student enrollments by 20% every month


Challenges Faced

There are numerous challenges that arise when promoting the brand to fulfill the marketing objectives. They are listed below.

  • Since it’s a new brand, It has become a difficult task to educate target audience about the brand and it’s services
  • Gaining the target audience’s interest in courses has been slow because of lack of familiarity about the brand
  • In the first 3 months, the cost per customer acquisition is high, where the amount of marketing spend has been expensive

Performance Analysis

Google Analytics


Business Growth

After executing the strategy to create a strong digital brand’s presence, the results were better than expected from all the digital marketing activities.

Website Traffic​

  • Website traffic has been swiftly increased from all the digital marketing channels with an average rate of 35% every month

Brand Reach

  • Brand’s reach in social media averages around 20,000 every month
  • Positive reviews for the courses have been swiftly increased by 10% every month

Social Media Engagement​

  • Engagements in our Social media posts have been increased by 40%
  • Social media messages from prospects with enquiries in our inboxes has increased by 20%

Customer Acquisition​

  • Through successful digital Marketing campaigns the traction for the courses has fared well with 50+ enrolments every month