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case studies

If you’d want to understand how we approach and execute any project, check out our case studies and get a glance of how we work and the quality we deliver


Orrina is a healthcare-based brand selling ayurvedic products online and providing health consultations. Orrina's every product produced is inspired by this three-pronged ideology: Original – Rich - Natural. They are more into the holistic healthcare products segment focused on Panchagavya Ayurveda.

Case Study : Social Media Marketing

Laures Academy

Laures Academy specializes in providing courses to upgrade the careers of professionals. They also conduct seminars, conferences, in-house training, workshops, and other related events. They organize and conduct courses on electricals, Data analytics, project management, and similar courses.

Case Study : Strategic Digital Marketing

Jothi Store

Jothi Store is a well-known all-in-one enterprise that offers a wide range of products with high standards of customer experience for their offline customers. Jothi Store and Flower Shop were established in 1960 and offer a wide range of retail products across Singapore.

Case Study : Strategic Digital Marketing

D'learning Sparks

D’learning sparks Montessori has its unique way of making children explore and learn things by themselves with a carefully crafted curriculum. Their programmes provide students with opportunities to realise their potential and prepare them well for Primary school and beyond.

Case Study : Strategic Digital Marketing

Da Vinci Education

The Da Vinci Group (DVG) is a transformational educational enterprise that combines the collective specialties of neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, arts, and education to revolutionize conventional teaching and learning methodologies. 

Case Study : Strategic Digital Marketing

Ticking Minds Technology

Ticking Minds is a leading Independent QA services organization. They are a software testing company focused on the Quality Assurance. They are specialized in Automating testing processes – across UI, API, Mobile and web services.

Case Study : SEO