D'Learning Sparks


Case Study: Digital Marketing


D’learning sparks Montessori has its unique way of making children explore and learn things by themselves with a carefully crafted curriculum. Their programmes provide students with opportunities to realise their potential and prepare them well for Primary school and beyond.

Their Programmes are developed with key areas of learning which are Literacy, Numeracy, Practical Life, Sensorial Culture, Specialised Music Programme, Character development, Values, Confidence, Independence, Nurturing, Natural, Curiosity.

Since this is a new montessori, they want to promote and enroll children to their programmes. As social media is the best way to reach and engage with parents, we have suggested to start promoting in Social media to engage with parents and build a brand’s community.

Strategic Approach


To achieve the online business goals we have formulated a digital marketing strategy.

Objective: 200 enrolments annually

Marketing Channels

Google Search, Facebook and Instagram


  • Increasing Website traffic to 500+ unique visitors every month
  • Social media engagement by 100+ Parents every month
  • Social Media Brand reach should be around 4,000+ every month
  • Increasing enrolments to 200 kids annually


  • Increasing website traffic by 40% every 2 months
  • Increasing social media engagement by 30% every 2 months
  • Increasing enrolments by 5% every month


Challenges Faced

There are numerous challenges that arise when promoting the brand to fulfill the marketing objectives. They are listed below.

  • Since it’s new montessori and there are so many competitors in the market it’s difficult for the target audience to recognize and enroll to the school
  • As the Market is fragmented when its early childhood education, it’s difficult to penetrate and make more admissions for the school in quick time
  • The cost per acquisition was high due to the competition and the market response towards a new montessori

Performance Analysis

Google Analytics


Business Growth

After executing the strategy to create a strong digital brand’s presence, the results were better than expected from all the digital marketing activities.

Website Traffic​

  • Website traffic has been swiftly increased from all the digital marketing channels with an average rate of 15% every month
  • Average monthly website visitors was around 1000+
  • Average visitors returned to our website every month was around 20%

Brand Reach

  • Brand’s reach in social media averages around 20,000 every month
  • Online positive reviews for D’learning Sparks have been swiftly increased by 10% in all the educational institutions aggregator platforms which we have enrolled

Social Media Engagement​

  • Engagements in our Social media posts have been increased by 20%
  • Post reactions, enquiries and comments in our promotional posts has averaged around 20% engagement rate on all campaigns

Customer Acquisition​

  • Through successful digital Marketing campaigns on D’learning Sparks Montessori has fared well with 286 enrolments overall