Jothi Store & Flower shop


Case Study: Digital Marketing


Jothi Store is a well-known all-in-one enterprise that offers a wide range of products with high standards of customer experience for their offline customers. 

Jothi Store and Flower Shop were established in 1960 and offers wide range of retail products across Singapore. These include religious statues of various elements, prayer items, handicrafts, Indian cosmetics (Lakme, Shahnaz Husain etc), traditional Ayurvedic medicinal items, Indian cultural dance items, household utensils, electrical grinders and floral arrangements and garlands for all occasions.

Jothi store was performing pretty well offline but when compared to competitors, the online presence and reach were marginally low. The majority of the customers are acquired through offline campaigns and through channel partners which incurred high cost per acquisition. 

Since Jothi Store wanted to grow its business, they wanted to promote their business online to generate more leads to their business. We recommended having a strong digital presence as a first-place which is followed by content marketing and lead generation campaigns gradually.

Strategic Approach


To achieve the online business goals we have formulated a Digital Marketing Strategy

Objective: 1000+ new customers annually

Marketing Channels

Google Search, Google Display Network, Facebook and Instagram


  • Increasing website traffic to 15000 unique bi-monthly visitors

  • Social media brand reach should be around 50,000 every month

  • Social media engagement should be more than 15% with Customers every month

  • Increase in acquisition to 100+ customers every month

  • Increase in acquisition to 1000+ customers annually


  • Increase in Website traffic by 30% every month
  • Increase in social media engagement by 25% every month
  • Increase in return visitors to the website every month by 15%
  • Increase in product checkouts by 10% every month


Challenges Faced

There are numerous challenges that arise when promoting the brand to fulfill the marketing objectives. They are listed below.

  • Since there is so much competition and there is ever growing e-commerce market
  • Customers looking for best e-commerce brands for a better shopping experience
  • Lack of good budget for digital marketing restricted us from reaching brand’s marketing communications to more potential customers

Performance Analysis

Google Analytics


Business Growth

After executing the strategy to create a strong digital brand’s presence, the results were better than expected from all the digital marketing activities.

Website Traffic​

  • Website traffic increased to average rate of 35% every month
  • Average monthly website visitors increased to 8000+
  • Average monthly unique visitors increased to 1500+

Brand Reach

  • Brand’s reach in social media - 20,000 every month
  • Visitors of the brand's website has been increased by 20% Month-on-Month

Social Media Engagement​

  • Engagements in our social media was increased by 20% Month-on-Month
  • Post reactions, enquiries and comments in our promotional posts has around 15% engagement rate on every campaign

Customer Acquisition​

  • 1200+ new customer acquisition
  • Social media campaigns generated 700+ customer acquisitions
  • Google Ads generated 400+ customer acquisitions and other posed 100+ acquisition