Case Study: Social Media Marketing



Orrina is a healthcare-based brand selling Panchagavya ayurvedic products online and providing health consultations. Orrina’s every product produced is inspired by this three-pronged ideology: Original – Rich – Natural.

They are more into the holistic healthcare products segment focused on Panchagavya Ayurveda. They want to enrich the lives of people through natural treatment. The company’s base is in Coimbatore. They have the vision to spread across PAN India. 

They are a startup that wants to penetrate deep into their niche. As Orrina, relies more on its product and service values it wanted to acquire customers who have a good LTV (Life-Time Value). Since the niche is narrow but sustainable Orrina wants to broaden their customers base swiftly. 

The project for Martech Minds was to acquire 1000 customers and It should be spread across PAN India through Social Media Marketing. Our goal was to identify the major selling region and make aggressive marketing efforts across the regions.

Strategic Approach


To achieve the online business goals we have formulated a market penetration strategy and acquire more customers 

Objective: 1000 new customers annually

Marketing Channels

Facebook and Instagram


  • Increasing website traffic to 2000 unique visitors every 3 months

  • Social media brand reach should be around 50,000 every month

  • Increase in acquisition to 300+ customers every quarter

  • Increase in acquisition to 1000+ customers annually


  • Increase in Website traffic by 50% every month
  • Increase in social media engagement by 30% every month
  • Increase in return visitors to the website every month by 15%
  • Increase in product checkouts by 20% every month


Challenges Faced

There are numerous challenges that arise when promoting the brand to fulfill the marketing objectives. They are listed below.

  • Since it’s a new brand and a new methodology in making healthcare based products, It has become a difficult task to educate target audience about the brand and it’s unique features
  • Gaining the target audience’s interest in Orrina’s services and products has been slow because of lack of familiarity about the healthcare model they serve
  • Initially, we focused on the awareness of the impact it brings to the health of the people, but the modern cosmetic preferences from the audience segments has been a hurdle to penetrate
  • In the first 6 months, the cost per customer acquisition is high, where the amount of marketing spend has been expensive

Performance Analysis

Google Analytics


Business Growth

After executing the strategy to penetrate into the market, the results were better than expected from all the digital marketing activities.

Website Traffic​

  • Website traffic has been swiftly increased from all the digital marketing channels with an average rate of 40% every month

Brand Reach

  • Brand’s reach in social media averages around 25,000 every month
  • Positive reviews for the products have been swiftly increased by 20% every month

Social Media Engagement​

  • Engagements in our Social media posts have been increased by 30%
  • Social media messages from customers and brand followers has increased swiftly to 40% month-on-month

Customer Acquisition​

  • Through successful Social Media Marketing campaigns the traction for the products has fared well with 1500 customers in a year